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(well maybe i’ll finish that title later, but no promises)

this guy explains it perfectly. true procrastinators never just sit around and do nothing, in fact they do tons of other things that actually can wait (and get extremely busy doing them), but put aside things that they really need to do.

i do think of myself as someone who has the authority to talk about procrastination. if procrastination-land is a real world, there’s no doubt that i would have been appointed a king of one the many little kingdoms. i mean, just look at me. i’ve been in school, registered as a student, continuously, for more than 25 years (yes, you read that right, i really meant twenty-five) and it’s still counting. well, technically i did take a break from school right after i get my bachelor degree, but after ten months i got accepted in graduate school and that’s where i have been ever since. well i can go on and on about how i can’t wait to get out of school, but that is a digression, so maybe in another article.

back to topic. if you think you have a serious problem with procrastination, this is a very good article to read and hopefully will get you started overcoming this bad habit. come to think of it, it may get you started, but of course you have to follow all those steps to stop being a procrastinator. if you just skim through it, and putting it aside to read some other things, you’ll never be able to get what you want. and as a procrastinator, there’s a big chance that you will do that.

wait, let’s go over the logic of that and try to understand this. if it’s obvious that something won’t work, why would you even want to bother with it? and does it mean that procrastination is impossible to ‘cure’? do you need to even try to cure it or will you just:

a. wait until it fix itself later
b. accept the fact that you are a procrastinator and live with it

both answers seem like a procrastinator’s answer to me, so thinking how you would like to get *out* of the pattern, you may want to do something else besides just ‘wait’ or ‘accept’. does that make any sense? or did i just get you confused? heck i am even confusing myself now. so let’s just stop this exercise.

anyway, let’s get back to the present. you’re obviously currently reading this article, are you sure you don’t have anything more important to do? i seriously doubt that. even i know i do. at this moment, i know that my advisor wants me to submit a final draft of a conference paper some time tomorrow (it’s a really short paper but i’m only about half done), i have another paper for another conference that’s due on July 27, my own ‘super special thing’ (you-know-what) has not gone past a very crude draft stage for months now, i have a stack of bills on my desk (electricity, cable tv, phone, AAA, Sam’s Club) that are mostly due within the next couple of days, my car needs an oil change from two weeks ago, and i also promised my wife to setup this hanger on our bathroom.. last week. literally tons and tons of things that i really need to do right now, and they are all right there in front of me.

so what i ended up doing? yup you guessed it, writing this article.

“Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow. Delay may give clearer light as to what is best to be done.”Aaron Burr

(true to the title, i actually started this article last week, but didn’t finish it until just now and finally published it. between then and now, i’ve submitted my paper, i’ve paid some of the bills on my desk, but i still haven’t setup the hanger for my wife and my car still needs an oil change 🙂 . have a good weekend everyone!)

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